The Spiral of Silence

When weekly/monthly review meetings are held, we are all told to be honest and forthcoming with our responses. We are asked on the topic of the ongoing operations at the organization. Do...

5th November 2020
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6 learnings from the Scam of 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story

“Risk hai to ishq hai”, ‘Scam 1992 - The Harshad Mehta Story’ - the stock market series based on a book by financial journalists Sucheta Dalal and Debashish Basu is trending on Sony Live...

30th October 2020
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This Moment

Yes! Yes! We are talking about this moment in which you are reading this article. But are you really here? As in here here? Or a world of its own is spinning in that deep, brilliant...

28th October 2020
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10 things to implement after watching ‘The Social Dilemma’

‘The Social Dilemma’ is a one of a kind, unnerving and eye-opening documentary on Netflix by Jeff Orlowski. It explains how our brains are manipulated by algorithms which are...

26th October 2020
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Minimalism - Power of less

You wake up and start prepping for the day ahead. You’ve showered and now as you open your wardrobe you may have found yourself losing not just a couple of minutes but whole...

23rd October 2020
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Stop Blaming Yourself

Have you experienced a wave of cool breeze touching your body and a chill runs down your spine leaving you shivering for a while? Even a slight wave of cool breeze affects our...

22nd October 2020
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But I don’t know my Passion! What now?!

We all dread that question, very often thrown quite casually at us yet one that’s given us sleepless nights and headless-chicken-like days! Haven't you ever wondered, “what is my...

15th October 2020
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Self Help: The Only Help?

Re-starting afresh amidst a global pandemic does sound a bit daunting, if not completely nerve wrecking or does it! With masks, social distancing, work from home, virtual coffee dates...

9th October 2020
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Life’s short. Don’t be so serious. Let loose.

The alarm goes noisily. You don't want to wake up but, mum’s cries for ironed uniform, milk with toast and the school bus honking the whole neighbourhood to life. School bells, fun PT...

3rd October 2020
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Can everyday be a weekend?

A new morning rises. You get ready for office work. Open your laptop. Targets are waiting to be achieved. Client is awaiting service. Pending requests are beeping on the zoom call. So...

29th September 2020
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Are you working Deep or Shallow?

“Beta mann laga ke padhai karo” (Study whole heartedly) is a dialogue very often addressed to us by teachers and parents. We were told this, taught? Ahem! Not really.Now recall one of...

23rd September 2020
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Prepping for a weekend

With days getting mixed up, dates being forgotten and months passing by never before, the once much awaited weekend has vanished! But it's about time you take some chalk and draw...

24th September 2020
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7 tips to get more work done in less time

Trust us when we say that maintaining a work/life balance is easy than it sounds. With work from home becoming the new normal, workstation is only one leg length away yet, the to-do list...

21st September 2020
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Is your workplace gratifying Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

What is it that if changed, nudged or tweaked can make you feel empowered at your workplace? What is it that really helps drive your motivation level through the skies every day? Can we...

7th September 2020
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Five factors to consider when looking for an Investor

One needs to be very careful while on boarding an investor. Divorcing a wife or husband is easier than divorcing an investor, obviously you don’t want to be on the other end to see which...

7th September 2020
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10 Benefits of a Coworking Space

When you decide to open an office for the business/service you wish to sell and advocate, You have to jump through a lot of hoops, like - scanning locations, contacting brokers, entering...

1st September 2020
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Success is a Domino Effect

Ever played a Domino Game? I recently got an opportunity to play with my niece. I thought it would be fairly simple. I started with arranging the dominoes vertically. My niece warned me...

20th August 2020
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Failure is the way forward?

Do you remember childhood days when we were trying to learn to ride a bicycle? How many times did you fall? How many times did you scrape your knee? Right from driving in that deserted...

19th August 2020
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Thinking of adding the next star talent to the company?

It is better to dirty your own hands in the job, before you go on to look for a candidate. This would give you a clearer picture of the nature of the job. You would know even miniscule...

19th August 2020
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Looking to raise capital for your start up?

It is said that funding should be utilized for speeding up the machine rather than building it. It means once the product is built & when the time has come to scale the same, one...

4th August 2020
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8 pointers for making your organisation efficient

A leader (of an organisation) needs to have a clear, well developed vision for his organisation. A thorough mental image for what he expects of the company in the foreseeing future...

30th July 2020
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Subscription Economy: The Near Future

‘Kabhi kabhi lagta hai apun hi bhagwan hai’ – How many of you still remember the experience of watching Sacred Games- the tv series that made the world (if not all, most of it!)...

29th July 2020
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Balancing your right and left brain?

In school do you remember math class, when a teacher would give a problem to solve and everyone would get engrossed in solving it? Have you ever wondered which...

22nd July 2020
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Techniques of Blitzscaling

Blitzscaling is a strategy and set of techniques used for driving & managing extremely rapid growth that prioritize speed over efficiency in an environment of...

12th July 2020
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Have you stamped your life letter properly?

Do you remember childhood days when we would write letters on post cards and send it over? But there was more, the cards had to have the right address and those...

9th July 2020
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“Lost valuation by $11 bn within two years.This ride is certainly not for the faint-hearted” - Sify

During 1992-96, Ramaraj got acquainted with the telecom industry while working for Sterling Cellular (now Vodafone). Meanwhile, he was introduced to Ramalinga Raju,...

3rd July 2020
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Tiger Global made an investment without even looking at the performance report. It was a bet on the Founder – Freshworks

The evolution of SAAS (Software as Service) can be traced back to the late nineties, when Marc Benioff, Founder of revolutionized software as a subscription service...

26th June 2020
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We survived dotcom burst, investor back out, industry slowdown & discount war - (MMT)

Once searching for affordable housing accommodation, Deep Kalra landed on At the time accompanied with his wife, the duo wanted to book a room in a hotel in Kolkata...

22nd June 2020
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Be a Tortoise when your competitors are Hare – Info Edge

Sanjeev Bhikchandani started Info Edge (parent company) when the world still hasn’t got used to ‘www’. (subsidiary company) was launched in 1997. The dotcom bubble which...

11th June 2020
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Don’t be media frenzy. Keep expectations and valuations realistic: Delhivery

In India a lot of startups have not taken so much as what’s called inspiration but rather outright copied from USA. MakeMyTrip =, was a byproduct of...

8th June 2020
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As NOS is for vehicles, Blitzscaling is for businesses?

Speed fascinates us. We love watching movie series like Fast & Furious, Dhoom or play games like Need For Speed. Have you ever noticed the zeal it ignites in the spectator when a...

1st June 2020
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It is a bad idea to diversify without having one solid profitable business

In 1997 when Mr. Murugavel Janakiraman or fondly known as Muruga was in USA, he discovered the steadily fame grasping thing- Internet. Being a Tamilian he decided to do something ...

27th May 2020
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“One should enter market early but not first” –

In 1994 at the age of 18, Brijesh came to know about the ‘Internet’. This happened when Brijesh was looking for information about some British company with respect to shareholding ...

8th May 2020
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If fundamentals are right investors will come - Zomato

Zomato was started in 2008 by Deepinder with Pankaj Chaddha. The website was initiated with a simple idea: of giving restaurant menus along with contact details of restaurants to ...

2nd May 2020
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Big Giant or Small Giant? Choice is yours…

Ever played the ‘spot the difference’ game? Let's try it with this one- McDonalds and your local home cooked serving mess service. Now that's an easy one you'll say! Starting ...

27th April 2020
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Have You Defined Your “WHY”?

“Beta bada hoke kya banna hai?” is something everyone was asked at least once if not more in their formative years. (What do you want to become when you grow up?)And we ...

23rd April 2020
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Five Reasons You Should Join a Coworking Space Today!

Over the past few years, there has been a significant rise in the number of coworking spaces in cities all over the world. . However, there is a misconception that they are only ...

7th October 2019
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New-age Entrepreneurship : Coworking Spaces Meets Innovation

From the definition of the word “entrepreneurship”, we knows that it refers to a certain level of courage, innovation and business acumen. In the way that industries and ...

25th September 2019
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